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Trump puts GOP in impossible position

(CNN )At a time when Donald Trump is trying to gain the support of conservative leaders like Paul Ryan and when they are trying to see if they can unite behind him, the flaws in his candidacy are on full display.

On Friday, Trump had to address a report by the Washington Post that he posed as his own publicist, using a fake name, in speaking with reporters as he built his business empire in the 20th century and denied that it was his voice on a recording despite evidence to the contrary...READ MORE

Too Many Fellow Republicans Excuse Appalling Behavior

(Cosmopolitan) Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” That’s exactly what White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly tried to do this week to veteran reporter April Ryan and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, respectively. Why? Because they didn’t like what these women had to say...READ MORE

Tru;lDonald Trump And The Tyranny Of The Minori

Trump and the Tyranny of the Minority

(The Daily Beast)  De Tocqueville warned us about unchecked majority rule. Trump doesn’t even have a majority. But they sure are a mob.

The rise of Donald Trump has been both fascinating and frightening. Fascinating in that no one could have predicted the boorish billionaire would be such a political tour de force as a presidential candidate. Frightening in that the ferocity of his supporters has blurred the lines of logic and lunacy. We’re all familiar with how powerful a cult of personality can be, but the sheer fanaticism of many Trump followers is cause for alarm...READ MORE

Want to change the system? Learn how it works first


(The Daily Beast)  Civic participation is one of the most important responsibilities of being an American. I’m old enough to remember when being selected to lead your homeroom class in the daily Pledge of Allegiance was a source of great pride. As kids, with our hands over our hearts, shoulders squared, we’d recite those venerable words, “…and to the republic, for which is stands…” with purpose.


Unfortunately, the moral imperative of being a good steward of this great nation and understanding what it takes to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is an afterthought for many, if any thought at all...READ MORE

Trump's Hypocrisy on Delegate Count in NY

(CNN) Donald Trump's dominant win in New York had been a forgone conclusion for weeks. Trump's home state win marked the first time he'd accumulated over 50% of the primary vote in any state thus far. For such a big win, his victory speech was relatively low key: short, sweet and on message. For Trump, that is...READ MORE

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